NIXED / Paranoid Visions Split

NIXED and Paranoid Visions 12″ LP Split Out Now!

On April 5th, 2024, the highly anticipated split between Oakland’s NIXED and Dublin’s Paranoid Visions will hit digital streaming and download platforms. Alongside this digital release, presales will commence for the limited edition vinyl, set to be available starting May 15th. The LP will feature NIXED on one side and Paranoid Visions on the other, offering fans a dynamic showcase of both bands’ unique styles. The US version of the LP will be presented in a striking white and red splatter, while the UK/EU version will feature a captivating white and purple splatter design. Shipping to begin May 25th. Click here to stream.


US version is available through the NIXED Bandcamp page.

Split 12″ by NIXED & Paranoid Visions.

For this release, NIXED revisited the studio to record new versions of older material alongside new tracks. Their lyrics delve into the complex realities of the San Francisco Bay Area, addressing issues such as the coexistence of some of the world’s richest tech giants with one of the largest unhoused populations in the US. Meanwhile, Paranoid Visions presents one of their most powerful recordings yet, captured during a live performance with Conflict in Dublin this past January, showcasing their enduring energy and passion.

Formed in Oakland in 2019, NIXED brings together seasoned veterans from various corners of the underground scene to deliver a potent blend of classic punk rock, hardcore, and streetpunk. Prior to this release, the band has garnered attention with single song releases featured on compilations across the globe. NIXED

As Dublin’s longest-running punk band, Paranoid Visions has remained a steadfast force in independent and DIY music culture for over 40 years. Founded in 1981, the band has released numerous records and toured extensively across Europe, the UK, USA, and Japan. Embracing a fiercely independent ethos, Paranoid Visions continues to express their music, opinions, and art with unwavering determination. Notably, the band has collaborated with Crass’ Steve Ignorant, releasing 3 albums, a mini album and two singles, and Adverts legend TV Smith, further solidifying their place in punk rock history.

Paranoid Visions