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DIY Conspiracy Mixtape Volume 7

New compilation tape featuring NIXED. Announcement taken from


DIY Conspiracy Brings The Mosh Back With Mixtape Vol.7

Volume 7 of DIY Conspiracy’s international hardcore punk compilation series is here!


Today’s the time to inform you about the release of our latest compilation tape, featuring 16 bands from all over the world.

We’re absolutely amazed by the success of the six compilation tapes released so far, and we’re now presenting you the brand new Volume 7 with a great artwork from Italian artist Bernuggets!

DIY Conspiracy tape Vol 7

This time around we have 16 troublemakers leading the charge with mosh-infused hardcore, corrosive raw punk & d-beat, and a splice of post-punk goodness.

Featuring fresh new tracks by Romanian metal hardcore beasts Anger Dose, Athens, Greece’s newcomers Malignant, Germany’s mosh machine Thin Ice, Bulgaria’s longest running hardcore tour-de-force Indignity, Turkey’s new hope Backover, Greek positive hardcore My Turn, UK’s emo-crust Knowpeace and noise-mongers Sewer Trench, Madrid’s bruised Oi! bearers Golpe De Gracia and their rough streetpunk US brothers Nixed, Sweden’s d-beat mangel whirlwind Crutches, Russian/German hardcore punk Kleymo, and some great post-punk, noise rock and experimental punk by the likes of Popporn, Chokeboy, Revanche, and Nadeshiko.


For ordering information visit DIY Conspiracy or Kontingent Records.