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Great new 2CD international comp “SOMETHING TO BELIEVE IN” just released by DAN-DOH/Chaotic Noise/K-CLUB Records in support of Japanese Punk venues. Cover and booklet artwork by Yossie Thrashgraphics. Features bands from Korea, Malaysia, Finland, Australia, Poland, Sweden, Singapore, US, France, Czechia, UK, Germany and Canada. Available from Punk distros. Disc 1 SEVERED HEAD OF STATE […]

r​/​punk presents: Fuck Police Brutality

New “name your price” benefit Punk comp. All proceeds will go to ACLU. Now available on Bandcamp. 1. Class Violence (U.S.) – After the Fight 01:41 2. RECo!L (Carson, CA, U.S.) – Skate Song 01:36 3. Heated (Stockton, CA, U.S.) – D.R.F. 02:00 4. Everybody’s Enemy (Tokyo, Japan) – Roller Shoes is not a Crime! 00:55 5. Dissidente/ Диссиденты […]

New Compilation: Di Rumori in Cantina Records

The bands that participated in our compilation of Noises in Cantina Records (Italian) 1) ANTIDIGOS – 2) ANUBI’S SERVANTS – 3) Eversione – 4) NIXED Punk Rock da San Francisco – 5) Oceano Sopra – 6) Resilience hc (Sant Rosa, California) – 7) S-CONTRO – 8) STANK VOOR DANK San Francisco, California) – 9) THT […]